Watch Green Screen Grab Bag

Watch Green Screen Grab Bag

Green Screen Grab Bag

Behind The Scenes ONLY Bundle! • 5m 21s

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  • Laura's Own Rough Cut (5 Year Recap V...

    Greetings, Gentle Viewers. This clip is straight from Laura Hollis' laptop. It's not ready for upload yet! You know your girl. She would never upload without finishing all the graphics and sound effects first!

  • The Coffin And Other Bits

    As you'll see by the three-camera one take we did of the coffin, it was a lot more complicated than it looks. Floating in fake blood is (unfortunately?) a thing.

    The first two scenes are lines and moments that were cut for pacing. Hope you find it insightful!

  • Alternate Coverage, Part H

    Alternate Coverage, Part H. All Shoot Day 12 material, Hollstein Apartment. This is the last video compilation of various takes. Enjoy!